"As your eyes wander over Bret Overturf's work,
you are overcome with a wondrous drama
that a human being could have such a grasp
of the very essence of a wild animal:
a graceful blending of the untamed with gentility...
the artist's posterity."

Every artist expresses a distinctive style, and each piece of their work is a declaration of spirit, an affirmation of existence and a flicker into their soul. Within Bret Overturf lies a passion for wildlife and a wonder of the outdoors that is confirmed in every aspect of his art.


Bret has received renowned acclaim for his monumental bronze wildlife sculptures, which have been shown in private galleries in the United States. Collectors of his artwork, found all over North America, Europe and South Africa, celebrate his detailed realism of wildlife.

An artist, a craftsman and a sportsman, Bret is ecstatically appreciative when able to reach others through his art. His bronzes are limited editions in few numbers and one-of-a-kind commissioned pieces. Each sculpture can take up to two months to complete, he rushes nothing and leaves nothing undone. In the tradition of limited editions, once the edition is exhausted, the molds are destroyed.

An appetite to create in the spirit of the old handcrafters has added functionality to Bret's art. His reputation entered the realm of "artisan and craftsman" when Bret's vision of wildlife-inspired furniture came to fruition with the finely tuned skills of Robert Pappenfort. Bronze work embellishes the natural beauty of leather and wood to create an exciting "Interiors Collection." Each piece is handcrafted to endure the test of time, each a legacy in its own right. Their pieces grace some of the most lavishly decorated homes in America and are a favorite of sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Bret has also boasts a thriving independent career in taxidermy which has contributed to his creative expertise as a sculptor. Wildlife Studio Taxidermy is equipped to undertake every phase of the modern taxidermy process in-house.

Accepting work from all over the world, Bret caters to the quality-conscious client looking for an artistically composed, one-of-a-kind mount. He has incorporated his taxidermy work with bronze and wood to create some of the most unique and awe inspiring mounts available. He has an international clientele of sportsmen with whom he has established a reputation for artistic innovation, quality craftsmanship, and personalized service.

Born in Great Falls, Montana, Bret graduated from high school in Cheyenne, Wyoming; he went to college on a scholarship at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado and graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting, as well as a diploma from the Colorado Institute of Taxidermy. Soon after his return to Wyoming in 1994, Bret opened a studio and his passion came to life. He now resides in Cody, Wyoming, where the outdoors is endless, wildlife is abundant and inspiration thrives.


Bret's passion has drawn him all over the world as an artist, a sportsman and a guide. From North America to Africa to South America, Bret has spent countless hours in the great outdoors studying many different species of animals in their natural environment. His love of the outdoors is evident in each of his pieces.

At home in the mountains of the American West, solitude in nature is Bret's inspiration and allows conception of thought. He holds a sentimental perspective of an age past, as if misplaced in time. His down to earth style calmly declares that you must take him as he is; his love of art is poetic.



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